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The display landscape in the retail shops are changing..look out for this! :)

PRESS RELEASE: Julian W. Consulting and Leovation announce strategic distribution agreement

For Immediate Release


Julian W. Consulting, a Singapore-based branding boutique, today announced it has signed a distributor agreement with Leovation, a Hong Kong-based innovations leader, to become the authorised distributor of Dreamoc™, in Southeast Asia.

Dreamoc™ is a mixed-reality 3D holographic display that can be fully customised in accordance to clients’ branding, colour and products. With its sleek design, it can be easily integrated into existing furniture and setups. Companies will be able to present a combination of visually stunning free-floating 3D elements and physical products, using Dreamoc™ as a very effective communication tool.

Its usage can be fully extended from a mesmerizing product display in business outlets like retail shops, shopping malls, showrooms, hotels, to an entertainment and educational medium in museums and amusement parks. Dreamoc™ can deliver attention-grabbing branding messages at exhibitions, trade fairs, events and promotional campaigns.

With its uncanny ability to offer a “stop and wonder” effect, Dreamoc™ create and deliver important brand messages across to its audience. “As technology advances and consumers get more tech-savvy, retailers need new and exciting ways to showcase their products,” says Julian W. Managing Director Julian W. Consulting. “3D TVs, imagery and holographic displays are the next big thing. Julian W. Consulting will not just ride on the wagon of the 3D technology; but we aim to lead in this area, especially in the Southeast Asia region.”

“We are proud to be associated with Leovation, the industry leader in cutting-edge innovative solutions. With our partnership, I hope to change the advertising landscape in Southeast Asia, from mainly a 2D perspective to a 3D one,” said Julian.

“Julian W. Consulting is an innovative partner in offering high quality solution in a manner that both expands the marketplace and delivers value-added services to the extensive clienteles. We look forward to a great business relationship with Julian W. Consulting,” said Kennis Wen, Business Director of Leovation.

About Julian W. Consulting LLP

Founded in 2008, Julian W. Consulting LLP is a creative brand agency that specialises in ONE-STOP Solutions - branding, marketing consultancy, event management, product sourcing, print design, resource management & photography.


About Leovation Ltd

Leovation has an incomparable reputation for providing Augmented Reality Experience, Human-scale motion-based Interactive Experience, and Hologram 3D Experience to the clients for Corporate Branding, Entertainment, Education and Healthcare.


For more information, please contact:

Evonne Sim
Julian W. Consulting LLP
Tel: +65 6570 1338
Email: enquiries@julianw.com

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Jun 8

Our new office signage is finally UP!

Feel free to drop by anytime for coffee okies? :)

Our new project offering - DreamocHD

Julian W. Consulting (JWC) is proud to be the authorised distributor for Dreamoc 3D displays in Southeast Asia.

Please email enquiries@julianw.com for more information.

May 9

What do you think of the display featured in the video? 

Share your views with us yeah? :)

May 9

We’re recruiting again! This time…3D animators!

Yes, we’re expanding again! 

This time, we hope to find suitable personalities who can fiddle and showcase their talents in 3D animation and video display.

Details as follow:


             Developing 3D models, scenes and environments with realistic
               texturing and rendering

             Conceptualise and develop storyboard for projects

             Compositing and preparing work files for final output


             Candidate should possess:

             Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma

             Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree,
              Computer Science/Information Technology, Art/Design/Creative
              Multimedia or equivalent is an advantage

             Candidates without the above qualifications but with strong industrial
              experience and a comprehensive portfolio (2 years and above) may

             Good knowledge and proficient in 3D Max, Maya and related 3D

             Knowledge in Max script is an advantage

             Applicants must be willing to work in Ang Mo Kio/Serangoon area.

             "Per Project Contract" basis, with possibility of conversion to PERM.

             Attractive Remuneration Package

Fit the bill or know someone who is interested?  Please contact us at recruit@julianw.com ya?

Signing off,

At the request of a client, this cartoon was created to educate staff at the stores not to sell cigarettes to those under 18.
Enjoy this nice little clip..brought to you by TeleART Design :)

At the request of a client, this cartoon was created to educate staff at the stores not to sell cigarettes to those under 18.

Enjoy this nice little clip..brought to you by TeleART Design :)

Mar 2

Closeup video of a wild crocodile coming at the camera!  Taken during a photo-safari to South Africa, where participants are shown how wildlife documentary and filming are done.

Photo Tips In The Field

 Before you head out there, follow these tips to ensure a most fruitful field trip!

 Know your equipment well!

  1. Know your equipment

You have probably heard or seen this at least a thousand times, but the grand old master’s advice of knowing your equipment like the back of your hand is still the fundamentalist basic of photography. 

Only when you are totally at ease with the operation of your sophisticated tools can you really start to take good images with it.  This will ensure that you do not fumble with your equipment when it comes to the crunch.

Interestingly, a lot of professionals “feel” their way around the controls so that they do not need to take their focus off the viewfinder during critical moments.

  1. Try a different viewpoint / Let down your hair and be creative!

This does not mean moving around the subject (but do that).  Try a different telephoto lens for landscape (optical extraction) or an extreme wide-angle lens for a different look. Techniques like double exposure, with one exposure out of focus and the other in focus (make sure they add up to the correct exposure) and real slow shutter speeds using a neutral-density filter will take your images to a new level  They’ll be different and possibly evoke an emotion instead of just documenting the location or subject.

  1. Augment natural light with flash

Sometimes, using fill-flash on subjects in the foreground of a landscape can bring out excellent detail and provide the right amount of light for a vivid, colourful and convincing shot with properly exposed information from the foreground to background.  Remember – the best flash is that which doesn’t show.

Your best friend - Your tripod!

  1. Let your best friend tag along!

Touted as the photographer’s best friend, the tripod is a critical element for tack-sharp images.  Although it is often regarded as a hassle for most photographers, it is definitely worth the effort to bring the tripod along for your expeditions. 

Make it a habit to use the tripod as often as you can and regard it as part of your standard setup.  Never leave home without it!

  1. Do your homework/Research in advance

The more you know, the better your images will be.  Studying the life histories of your subjects will ensure that you’re on their breeding grounds or along their migratory pathways at exactly the right time of year.  Knowing and understanding what your subjects are doing at various seasons will help you anticipate their behaviour.  And, remember that many animal behaviours are repetitive; if you miss a great action shot, you may get a second chance within moments.

  1. Research the area

Outdoor/Nature Photography is about more than just taking pretty pictures.  There’s much to learn about the area and the subjects.  There’s a lot of enjoyment in sharing time with other photographers who have similar interests.  Don’t forget the awareness your photos can inspire in protecting areas, and the pleasure you can bring by simply sharing photos with people who can’t otherwise get out to see the actual place.

Get down to the same eye level as your subject..for a more interpersonal shot

  1. We see on the same level…

When photographing birds in flat, open areas like beaches and fields, take your telephoto lens off the tripod, get flat on the ground, and make photographs at the subject’s eye level.  Photographs made at ground level yield intimate portraits that often appear surrealistic, with just a sharply focused bird sandwiched between soft blocks of foreground and background colour.

By staying low, it’s far easier to get close to your subjects without disturbing them; birds and other wildlife are almost always threatened by the approach of standing humans, especially those carrying huge telephoto lenses.

  1. Simplify, Simplify

Most photographers include too much in the picture.  There are numerous culprits, such as too much depth of field competing with the main subject; too wide an angle of view; carelessness in reviewing all four corners of the frame; and the “ready-aim-fire” mentality that can grip us all when we’re too excited to slow down and compose.  Narrow down what you like about the scene and work to isolate that subject or subjects.

  1. Practise frequently

Last but not least, remember to practise as much as your can.  Although a large part of photography theories can be acquired from books, it is what you do in the field, and how often you do it, that will ultimately help you to achieve the shots you are proud of.  Remember – Practise, Practice and more Practice.

Always branded the busy bee, people are often surprised to hear me say,” I had a couple of hours, so I went out and practiced with my lenses and accessories.” Well, to be on top of your game requires experimenting, tinkering and maximising your skills and your equipment’s capabilities.  For example, when you see a scene on location, you can work so much faster and efficiently if you can guess what lens will fit for the subject matter, without fiddling with three or four before arriving at the best one.

Julian W. Integrated Services is an integrated, creative boutique agency that specialises in one-stop solutions.

Made up of Julian W. Consulting LLP, TeleART Design LLP and Julian W. Photography, the Group’s forte lies in branding, marketing consultancy, event consultancy and management, product sourcing, print design, resource management and photography.

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